Monday, December 3, 2007

Super Hero Dog Fights FIghts Fat Taffy Dog, Film at eleven!

Cartoon storyboards can be even more fun to do because of the wide range of expression possible, the near limitless staging possibilities, and the ability to control every single nuance of the acting on screen. Of course, the more control an artist has over something, the more responsibility they have to deliver. That's why 'toon boards can be way time consuming, but I'll be danged if they ain't worth every second you spend on them.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Storyboards an' such

So, yep, I am a Storyboard artist. I've got some drawings to prove it too. Believe it or not. What I love about Storyboards is that they don't have to be finished drawings. They're just sketches, which is my favor-ite part of doing artwork. After a sketch I can just move on, not futzing, no laboring, just sketch sketch sketch sketch... Oh yeah, these are for a crime drama heist type movie whose script is quite keen. It's in post production ow so it should be out by the coming Spring.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Some sort of publicity is always good for the soul says me grand mamy. Well here's my strike against the cold iron of the electronic age. For you see, I have yet to truly embrace this here "Information Superhighway" but this day, yes, this day, I will creep where I've never crept, I will fawn where fawning is but a distant fogged memory...I will...ah... I'm just gonna post random drawings actually.
Really. Nothing fancy just scribbles, THAT WILL SHATTER YOUR CONCEPT OF ALL THAT IS.

Just try to witness (above) George W. Bush, my friend, mentor, and all around butt smacker.